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Do you find yourself…


  • Anxious about the future of your industry? And
  • Overwhelmed about starting or growing your collaborative practice?
  • Uninspired and highly stressed most days?
  • Fearful that assisting clients collaboratively could somehow lose you money?
  • Concerned that leading with a collaborative approach may marginalise you from your peers?

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What you can expect from reading
‘The 3 Pillars to Developing + Solidifying Your Collaborative Practice’ OR if that is too long from reading ‘The Guide’

  1. Strategies you can implement immediately to assist with the daily overwhelm and stress.
  2. A deeper understanding about social change and how your industry is being directly impacted.
  3. How collaborative practice can actually make you more money (with less effort)
  4. Knowing when a client is not right for you
  5. A 7 step system designed for ‘on the fence’ conversations with colleagues or clients about a collaborative versus an adversarial approach.

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Ever tried to articulate the benefits of collaborative law to someone who ‘just does not want to listen?’


This story may help:


“A young boy walks into a room innocently and excitedly ready to share about the adventures of his day.”


Each next step is filled with anticipation and admiration than the last. As he opens the door he sees his mum and dad waiting for him. To his delight there are even loving grandparents, aunts and uncles and all of his favourite cousins. He wonders ‘wait maybe its my birthday?’ ‘Could it be?’


By now he simply too excited he can barely contain himself within his innocent little body. These are all of the people he loves. The people that he trusts with his whole being and all of his heart. Of course they should be the first to know about the adventures of his day.


He softly yet confidently announces ‘Here I am’  ‘Here I am’


In an ideal scenario the family in the room would lovingly announce


‘…so there you are!”  “…so there you are!”


In a bad scenario the family in the room would ignore him


And in a remarkably awful scenario the family in the room would say



During divorce our heart breaks for the deep sense of loss of identity. Our entire sense of belonging and being loved is questioned. Our entire world view and identity is in crisis.  Family meals that were shared are no longer; the warm embrace and comfort of the couple bed is gone; kisses goodnight disappear in the night sky.


When we walk into a room to get a divorce and navigate the painful, emotionally triggering conversations that we have to endure over and over again through the process of divorce…it’s as if we walk into a room and announce:


‘Here I am’ ‘Here I am’


In a collaborative setting, we hear ‘SO THERE YOU ARE!’ ‘SO THERE YOU ARE!’


And in an adversarial and litigious setting its as if both parties walk into the room every time, over and over again and hear


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