THE 6 Selves™

Book in a 75min coaching session to experience more time, energy, money and wisdom through my model of Self Inquiry The 6 Selves™

Choose from these 6 life areas. Designed to:

  • Activate your energy
  • Inspire creative thinking
  • Ignite inspiration and
  • Inspire action

The spiritual self

  1. Depth of connection to self, others and the world at large.
  2. Ability to transcend external experiences
  3. Shifting relationship with life – moving from acting to being
  1. Increased levels of connection, depth of beauty and presence.
  2. Increased joy
  3. Increased wisdom and acceptance
  4. Uncover the meaning & purpose of life circumstances
  5. Body, mind and spirit awareness
The emotional self

  1. Increased ability to respond rather than react
  2. Making wise decisions that are heartfelt and practical
  3. Recognising your thought patterns & limiting beliefs
  4. Living consciously
  1. Creating inner peace, business connections & meaningful relationships
  2. Increased business growth
  3. Increased authenticity
  4. Increased confidence
  5. Dissolve negative self-talk
  6. Body, mind and spirit awareness
The legacy self

  1. Deeper connection with your tribe – having the right people around you to lift and inspire you
  2. Connection to your deeper purpose 1 Value
  1. Clarity on your deeper purpose
  2. Increased motivation and inspiration
  3. Increased decision making capabilities
  4. Understanding and living your why
The valued self

  1. Resetting emotional boundaries (personal and professional)
  2. Knowing, owning and charging your worth.
  1. Increased respect and impact
  2. Increased self-confidence and conviction
  3. Increased levels of time, energy, money and wisdom
The ecological self

  1. Dissolving family patterns & negative energetic connections
  2. Expanded thinking and energy that welcomes new experiences (personally and professionally)
  1. Uncovering lost emotional parts
  2. Reframing the narrative
  3. Increased self-acceptance
  4. Depth and diversity in social connectedness
  5. Reduction in Imposter syndrome
The sexual (creative) self

  1. Integration of masculine & feminine energy
  2. Creative expression
  1. Expanded wisdom
  2. Increased confidence
  3. Increased financial abundance
  4. Increased inspiration
  5. Depth of self and sensuality