We all have a story.

‘We’ play the central figure and the lead starring role.
We often forget that all of our stories are intertwined with each other.

While you are playing a lead starring role in your own story, you are also co-starring in the stories of others.
My 11 stories
My 6 impactful years

Year – 1984

Age – 3yrs
Story – A simple task of washing my hands at the communal basin at kindergarten while noticing the other children were not, elicits a rage within me that my tiny 3yr old body couldn’t contain. I ask myself ‘who am I?’ ‘why am I so angry’? ‘why am I here?’ A sudden ‘awareness’ occurs and I realise ‘I’m back!’ This incident marks the quest for the truth and spiritual awakenings that becomes lifelong.
Learning – Be grateful for every opportunity

Year – 2000

Age – 19yrs
Story – My boyfriend at the time comes out to me that he was gay. This breaks my heart and marks over a decade of tumultuous rocky romantic relationships. Despite this, he and I remain close friends to this day.
Learning 1 – we all have our own path
Learning 2 – you are loveable and desirable just as you are (regardless of your relationship status sexual orientation)

Year – 2006

Age – 25yrs
Story – I get married due to family pressures.
A decade of confusion and severe depression ensues.
Learning – listen to your own heart and follow your own intuition.

Year – 2008

Age – 27yrs
Story 1 – To my surprise I fell pregnant and birth my gorgeous son, despite being told it would take years due to fertility concerns.
Story 2 – Exactly half way through the pregnancy my mother who is my best friend, is diagnosed with gall bladder cancer and passes on 21 days later.
Learning – Life moves in cycles.
Acceptance will set you free

Year – 2014

Age – 33yrs
Story 1 – After 9 years of ‘trying’ I painfully call it quits on my marriage.
Story 2 – My son is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.
Learning – Reach out and ask for help. Do not be a martyr. You don’t get a trophy for living life how you think you ‘should’

Year – 2018

Age – 37yrs
Story 1 – The sudden loss of my business partner and best friend means everything I have spent five years working towards, has completely disappeared in an instant (financially, emotionally and spiritually)
Story 2 – The man I loved declared he ‘did not’ and disappeared
Story 3 – I met my now husband (an amazing and instant connection).
Story 4 – I accept a position on the board of directors for hope for education Ghana (charity supporting education in Ghana Africa)
Learning 1 – You CAN rely on ‘the kindness of strangers’
Learning 2 – Trust the process of life
Learning 3 – life is beautiful

With deepest gratitude

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