Someone who:

  1. Identifies what it is that you really want deep down
  2. Creates a clear pathway to get you there
  3. Shows you how to build, maintain + grow the foundations of your life + business

Picture this…we were sprawled out on the floor with toys everywhere. He was eyeing a box with a fluff toy on top. In his way was a bouncy ball, a blanket + water bottle. Having just recently turned 1, he was still figuring out the whole ‘walking thing.’ With each excited step he would stumble and slip or get distracted.

After a few moments, I decided to create a clear pathway so that he could get to his desired destination more easily + in less time. In a matter of 30 seconds the bouncy ball, blanket + water bottle, were completely out of the way + he was able to finally enjoy playing with the fluffy toy on top. Ah Success!

2 of the biggest challenges we face when embarking a journey of lasting transformation:

  1. Fear of ‘getting it wrong’
  2. Fear of losing what ‘is currently working’

These fears show up in every single person regardless of gender, status or industry! Yes…truly…and they play up like this:

  • You do create a multi billion-dollar business BUT your health begins to decline
  • You do create a multi billion-dollar business + maintain your health BUT your partner leaves
  • You do create a multi billion-dollar business + maintain your health, your partner + you are awesome BUT you are afraid you are spiritually ‘off track’

What if I told you that there was a way to ensure that you have everything that you’ve ever wanted while maintaining your integrity + values?

Would you be interested?
Would you be curious?

My intention for you:

While you are blessed to have time on this earth, may you have the courage, wisdom, tenacity + heart centredness to express your life the way YOU want. And may you always be:

S – Successful    A – Awakened    F – Fulfilled

Successful in business, career and finances
Awakened spiritually and energetically so you can really enjoy the fruits of your labour
Fulfilled professionally, romantically, sexually and intimately

It is likely you have heard this before…

You may have even spent thousands of dollars; months even years on the path of self discovery, personal development and maybe business education. Surely you have had some success in one, perhaps a couple of life areas. But now you are finding yourself at:

  1. A crossroads in your life where a decision has to be made
  2. A plateau where you are somewhat successful but you are feeling really flat, uninspired + unmotivated
  3. Life has made a big decision on your behalf and you are trying to figure out where to next

If you can relate to any or all of the above. We need to chat.

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To your successful, awakened and fulfilled life,
Debbie Zita

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