So you have a dream and it’s a biggie. 

But it’s decision time. Help!

Turning that big dream into reality requires big decisions that may seem scary, daunting or maybe you just feel paralysed by not knowing how to make the ”right” decision.

I often get asked for assistance in making big decisions. There may be an undercurrent of perfectionism, of distrust of self or even unconscious sabotage at play.

Whatever the reason, here’s what I know…

When you step away from the freeze or flight button and know every decision is the right decision, the pressure to be right is released. In short, there are infinite possibilities and infinite pathways and aspects to every decision. We can’t possibility foresee and avoid all the potential problems and ramifications of a decision.

So how do you tackle decision time?

Firstly, let’s just scrap the word “right” and simply call it making a confident decision.


Trust. There may be a lot of change required and you don’t have control over external events or people so trust that the unfolding of events are for your highest good.

Courage. There’s not getting around the fact that you will need courage at times to make changes. Courage goes hand in hand with trust.

Surrender. Allow experiences to propel you forward while you take the practical steps required.

Interview. Talk to trusted friends, colleagues and experts who have taken a similar action. 

Feel. Visualise scenarios of doing and not doing something and feel it in your body. Does it feel expansive or closed and restrictive? This one tool is HUGE.

Nurture. Speak to your inner child. Is he or she feeling scared about the changes that may be underway? Ask what your inner child needs to feel safe. Offer care, compassion and reassurance in the form of words, hugs – whatever is asked for.

Expectations. The best decision may not be easy or without challenges and struggle. You still have to plan, organise and do, and that takes effort and may not without it’s challenges and learning a new way of living. Don’t expect everything will magically fall into place.

Lastly, keep saying YES! As you flex your decision-making muscles and put one foot in front of the other you will build momentum and big dreams will become reality.

Big love,

Deb x