As we close out what has been a tough year for many, reconnecting with others is something that many of us look forward to. BUT, this is also a time that can be fraught with big emotional highs and lows.

Along with the warm embraces and heart connections we all thrive on, old familial tensions may rear their ugly head.

In addition, right now there is also the added pressure of the differing perspectives of today’s current events. This may even go so far as a people insisting on a physical divide and not wanting to mix as they normally would. This can be very hurtful if you are on the receiving end of this.

So how do we navigate this celebration season with joy, sanity, and keeping our zen intact?

There is one simple technique that, WITHOUT FAIL, brings me back into my body, and calms and clarifies my mind.

It’s so simple and no-one will know you are doing it

This technique is the Heart Strengthening exercise that we practice at the beginning of every Monday Morning Medication and Prioritisation group.

Without fail this reconnects me to my heart centre and the Love that is everywhere and in everything.

But first, what’s the difference between human love and spiritual love?

Human love is a love for the ”person”, their personality and traits. This kind of love can be affected by expectations, projections and dependencies.

Spiritual love is the deep love for everyone and everything. It goes well below the superficial and is a soul to soul connection. It is what makes up everything on earth.

Spiritual love is unconditional. When you join with this you FEEL the pure love in light that is the essence of everyone and everything.

When you feeling spiritual love for someone or even a situation it means you are able to differentiate between the pure love and light and their human behaviour that may be annoying and even very hurtful.

So here is what you can do…

If you are being tested, sit quietly and simply put your hand over your heart, focus your energy on this area and smile sweetly and completely with your face, your body and your heart. No-one need to know you are doing this.

Give this time to take affect as you melt into your body and quiet your mind.

From this place you will more easily see everyone in their original form as pure love and light, doing their best to negotiate this human experience. It will be easier to rise above any emotional turmoil to respond and not react, to set firm boundaries, or to even let it all wash over you.

Of course this is not to say that all bad and nasty behaviour is okay, but this is a very effective tool during challenging times. (Of course, if you are physically in danger you need to get to a safe space quickly.)

I would love to know if the Heart Strengthening exercise has helped you during emotionally testing times.

Big love,

Deb x