Back In 2017 I was blessed to have a profoundly beautiful awakening experience. I had been searching for a spiritual teacher to guide me on the journey and through a series of synchronistic events, I found him. His name is Irmansyah Effendi. 

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What I adore about his approach is that he understands that most of us think rather than feel, so he guides you from your head to your heart. He focuses on humility and gratitude as opposed to manifestation and gaining knowledge, although I am also a fan of both of these. He understands that your experience is your own and that working on one’s spirituality is not an intellectual exercise. Rather, it requires us to connect directly with The Source of who you are.

Irman’s version or interpretation of THE REAL YOU has nothing to do with things like what you do for a living, living your purpose or even following your calling. 

‘Hmm interesting, Deb!’ I hear you say. ‘So what DOES it have to do with?’ 

✨Your Essence 

✨Your True Self 

✨The You That Existed Before Time and Space 

✨The You Before Form 

Yes, I know, I have gone mega woo to the woo on you!

The reality, or at least my reality and the reality that is shared by a large majority of my community and my meditation students, is that this physical life is limited. We will, in fact, one day not exist in physical form. Though this notion is not intended to be morbid or heavy, it can be sad and trigger grief depending on your karmic imprint, life experiences, journey thus far and belief systems that may be outdated and no longer aligned with the current evolution of your soul. What it also means is that once we complete our mission, finish our time on earth or transition, there is always an infinite part of our being that endures.

So back to my 2017 story….

After years and literally hundreds of hours of attending workshops, practising specific meditations and energetic attunements, I was able to experience my first True Self Retreat. Back then mummy duties and spiritual growth were at the forefront so no photos were taken. The setting was however divine, as approximately 200 of us entered the sacred space against the backdrop of Tasmania’s rolling hills in winter. 

We were guided through a number of experiences such as reliving our own birth in this lifetime (that may be for another blog as mine was NOT what you might expect). We were then lovingly guided, deeply into our heart spaces like no one but Dear Irman—as the beautiful and humble instrument of The Love that he is—can do.

Afterwards, we experienced an awakening. As you may know first hand, these sacred experiences are not easy to describe in words. Not only that but the sacred nature of that particular experience is not something I wish to share in detail, as I so greatly respect that transmutation of energy that occurred, the synchronicities that led to that moment and the deep personal realisations that my heart, soul and whole being had that day. Tears of gratitude poured out of me and I prayed I could stay in that space forever.

Unlike Eckhart Tolle, and perhaps Irman himself, I did not stay in that space forever but I have entered that sacred space or zen zone on very many occasions since then. Interestingly, these have been at times of great joy and bliss and, perhaps more remarkably, at times of great grief and tragedy. I believe that at these times our heart is open to receiving and better understanding who we are at a spiritual level.

Fast forward to 2024 and I have experienced and witnessed so much, as we all have. What brings me home to myself and reminds me to stay grounded, loving, kind and level headed is my heart. 

If you are embarking on a spiritual journey or have been on one consciously for some time, please email me here and let me know about your experience. 

Warm heart hug,

Deb x 


If you are looking for an interesting book to read I highly recommend The Real You: Beyond Forms and Lives by Irmansyah Effendi

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