The number one self-sabotage pattern I see time and time again amongst spiritually-minded business women is putting themselves in a business category that doesn’t exist.

If you find it difficult to succinctly describe what you do. If you are overly complicated when describing what you do to the point that the other person is left confused about how you can help them, you may also be falling into this trap.

For example, an artist or an illustrator may work on a few different projects but when meeting someone to connect in business they are not able to package this up in a way that makes sense.

Why is this important? It becomes hard for the other person to understand how you may be able to help them. It is confusing. Opportunity lost.

If you do this, here’s why and here’s what you can do…

You do this because you are afraid to grow and create that connection and relationship as you aren’t clear on your offer, not clear on your prices, and not clear on who you want to work with.

What you can do.

Firstly own up and accept that you have to belong to some kind of industry.

This doesn’t mean you are limiting yourself, or that you have to be affiliated with a group or pay membership fees.

I’m talking about being able to say I’m a coach, I’m a facilitator, I’m an illustrator, and I specialise in XYZ.

Don’t forget that it’s okay for this to change future down the track. And if you see that person again in the future and things have changed, you can say, “Yes, I was working on that, now I’m doing ….” No one has a linear path. We are evolving and changing and bringing new ideas, energies, and information to the table.

Next, be unique and a leader in your industry.

Knowing your industry and extending the thinking in that category or industry makes you a leader as opposed to being a non-operational business owner who people are confused by.

For example, I am a mindfulness facilitator and there’s a huge push towards mindfulness right now. It is crowded. While I bring a number of different practices into my work, my foundation is a particular type of heart-centred meditation practice. So I’m extending the thinking on meditation, and I’m taking people out of their mind (which is what mindfulness is about) and bringing them into a space of their spiritual heart by touching the centre of their chest, smiling and relaxing.

In short, I am extending the thinking on mindfulness by taking people through the understanding of connecting with their breath and their mind but also in the space of the heart.

Write to me and let me know what you are doing to extend the thinking in your industry? I would love to hear from you!

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