Is that block an obstacle or an opportunity? 

This outpouring is inspired by the fabulous book “The Obstacle is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials Into Triumph” by Ryan Holiday. (Highly recommended reading.)

Many people react to an obstacle with panic, fear and worry. Often rehashing negative past experiences or conjuring up awful, imagined future scenarios. This may be your first reaction, which is completely understandable.

However, what you do next is THE most important thing.

Instead of falling into a sweaty heap, you can choose. And then you choose again.

Obstacles are actually blessings in disguise. They make you stronger and more resilient, and are often an opportunity to course correct to experience even better outcomes than what you imagined.

But you must choose.

Will your next move be from a place of panic, fear and worry or guided from a place of calm and clear love?

Here are four practical steps to choose an empowered and grounded response and not an emotional, fear-based reaction.

Step 1: Recognise that fear, panic and worry is arising. These uncomfortable emotions are a gift by the way, so thank them as well. 

Step 2: Use your tools. These may be mindful practices, breath work, heart-based meditation, or talk to a trusted friend, therapist or coach to get initial clarity. (Although go easy on the talking business. It can feel good to share, but ultimately you need to learn to rely on your internal guidance system to know what your next best step is.)

Step 3: Look at the wisdom you have gained from your previous experiences and use that to keep moving forward. You have recovered from obstacles and readjusted your course in the past, and in retrospect if you’re honest, things often turn out for the better.

Step 4: Surrender. When these tools don’t work, surrender. 

By this I do not mean surrender to the problem, but know that there is something better on the way or another piece of the puzzle yet to fall into place. 

To surrender, let go and do what your body and soul needs right now. This may mean to sleep more, eat good food, lie in the sun, get a massage, watch a funny movie. Simply do whatever self-care you love and require without worrying about this “obstacle”. You are going through a physical and energetic reset.

Step 4: Know there is no right or wrong decision. You can only do the best you can at the time and after you’ve make your next move, you’ll get another opportunity choose again.

With love,

Deb x