What if it’s scary to be honest with yourself, even gut wrenching? What if when you glimpse the answer that you know is right for you, it makes your stomach lurch and it is downright terrifying.

Being honest with yourself is essential to navigating the best path for you and finding more fulfilment and contentment.

However, if your initial glimpse into a current dilemma results in you slamming the lid straight back down on that can of worms and carrying on as usual, hoping to deal with it another day, challenges that were initially whispers, will get louder and more uncomfortable until you deal with it. Until ultimately, you have no choice but to deal with it – the hardest lesson of all!

So what’s the best approach?

Heart opening honesty. The kind that cracks you open.

Because in the cracking open, comes the liberation.

However, heart opening honesty is a coin with two sides: it is both liberating and gut-wrenching at the same time.

Gut wrenching, because it can come with uncomfortable truths that can’t be ignored.

Gut-wrenching, heart opening honesty requires connecting with yourself in a genuine and authentic way. It requires asking poignant questions and receiving information that is the most appropriate to your current situation. Sometimes you like it, sometimes it’s terrifying!

Why do I bring this up now? Many people, especially those reading this information, are growing and evolving quickly. It is therefore critical to know what your truth is in any given moment.

Firstly, I suggest you approach this fast growth period by ensuring you are giving yourself the time and space to connect with yourself. This may be through mindfulness practices, meditation, breathing techniques, through moving energy by listening to songs, yoga. All of these things will help with moving forward with honesty and navigating today’s environment more easily.

And of course, get to the nub of the matter. Find the most honest answer, unsullied by past beliefs and outdated world views.

How to do this? Follow these three lines of inquiry:

1. “Is this (situation, relationship, action) true for me right now? Does this still apply?”

2. “Is this something that those I love believe to be true? Or Is this something that I believe to be true?”

3. “What am I most afraid of if I discover the truth about myself today?”

This last question is very important because it looks at what you feel or fear you might lose in the inquiry and unearthing of the honest truth.

This is because being honest with yourself will most likely bring up uncomfortable truths about current dynamics in your life such as relationships, interactions with other people, the way that you view the world etc.

However, it’s worth it!

When you pinpoint what you are most afraid of, and look at it through the eyes of love and compassion – like you would with a child – you are actually going to be able to investigate the truth for yourself in a way that is practical and realistic for yourself at the same time.

As always, reach out if you ever need assistance to tap in and tune out the noise that is distracting you from your own truth.

Big love,

Deb x