Do you have a heart call? A longing in your psyche and your spirit to do something? Don’t ignore it.

This pull, this gentle tap, tap tapping that is nagging you to do something, to move in a particular direction, is your secret weapon. It’s the trail of breadcrumbs that will lead you to a happier, more fulfilled life.

What might that look like? It’s you authentically and gracefully expressing yourself through projects, businesses and causes in a way that is fully aligned with your unique values, talents and skills.

And, it feels amazing! Living this way is energising, exciting and empowering.

In my 6 Selves Model™ I call this a journey to your “Legacy Self”.

But first, we need to get over ourselves, our conditioning to be “practical”, and make the space for clarity and deep knowing to emerge.

So how do we get there?

Firstly, it’s important to remember that the Legacy Self is not about ego, fame and wealth accumulation.

It’s the self that connects us to the ever evolving world and our relationship to it. It’s the ability to listen to those inner prompts, follow them, and live in alignment as we express our uniqueness.

When you are honouring your Legacy Self, the small actions you take, and the small adjustments you make, have a much larger impact on the world that you may not even be aware of.

You don’t need to become famous and materially successful to leave a legacy. Just by being yourself and being aligned to your true values and talents as you go about your work, business or projects, you are making a profound and positive impact on the world and future generations.

In fact, it’s not up to you to know who is affected, to calculate the value you add. Your job is to be you.

If you want to discover how to experience the energising effect of living in alignment with your Legacy Self, reach out any time.
Much love,

Deb xx