The busy vs productivity conundrum never gets old.

You know what I mean. You are BUSY. Busy cleaning up your emails, reading ‘ímportant’ articles, ‘researching’, and doing insignificant tasks that don’t shift the dial on your business or life.

I’ve been there too and particularly struggled with being in and out of lockdowns for the last two years in Melbourne. I kept myself busy in order to cope, but too often, at the end of many days, I hadn’t achieved much at all.

Even worse, like many women I work with, I am prone to comparisonititis. Double whammy. I would look around and see others seemingly kicking goals and felt like a failure in comparison.

So are some people more susceptible than others to falling for busy over productive? Maybe it’s not your fault.

If you are a spiritually inspired woman in business and you run a wellness or a creative business, that’s why you are here. Like me, you tend to have a beautiful blend of the heart and spirit and want to do something good in the world.

For us, our business is not just a way to make money, it’s really an expression of a deeper part of ourselves. We like work that is creative and therapy based because it’s warm, and we love beauty, colour, sense, sensuality. This is why we flock together.

On the flipside, things like systems, procedures, structures, and getting to places on time, may not come naturally. I know that they definitely did not come naturally to me. For example, I DREAD when the first of the month comes around and I have to organise my receipts and figure out my accounting. Around this time, I can suddenly be even more ‘busy’.

This is what I recommend…

See this behaviour for what it is. You are being a beautiful, busy, pillow-fluffer and you’re spinning your wheels.

Next, please do not be harsh on yourself! This is the time to lovingly and compassionately take your own hand and guide yourself back to the reset position.

How do you reset? Pause. Amp up the self-care regime. Pull back and give yourself a bit of time to reflect and get perspective.

Because, when we are in that space of divinity, we know deep down that whether you get it done this day, this hour, or this week, at the end of the day our higher purpose is so much bigger than the to-do list.

So go for it if you are vibing and flowing and churning through the to-do list. But if you are bumping up against a whole lot of shit and walls and spinning your wheels, it’s time to pull back and reset.

Having said that, this is not an excuse to neglect what needs to be done. (Sorry to disappoint!) The reality is that by doing this, we will have a mountain to climb when we come back to it next week or next month. This is time to walk the tightrope of being busy, and doing what needs to be done, but in ways that you are still honouring your body and your energy body.

Lastly, I want to draw your attention to a fantastic book which many of you may be familiar with: ‘High Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way’ by Brendan Burchard.

In it is something which really struck a chord with me; ‘the main thing is to make the main thing the main thing’.

Take the higher perspective, and remember to make your main thing a priority when choosing how to spend your time.

I don’t think there will ever come a point where I am excited about the first of the month. But it helps to remember what my main thing is, and these regular tasks are required for me to do what I love and be successful.

If you find yourself needing more clarity and focus, consider joining our Monday Meditation and Prioritisation Group. Also, do yourself a favour and grab a copy of ‘High Performance Habits’.

Big love,

Deb x