The Legacy Self represents the aspect of our identity that maintains a profound connection to the constantly changing world and our interactions within it. It embodies our capacity to genuinely and elegantly convey our individual values, talents, and skills through our initiatives, enterprises, and endeavours.

Ask yourself, “When my time on this earth is over, what do I want to be remembered for?”

A gentle reminder that as we embark upon self-enquiry, please be sure to meditate, breathe and bring yourself into the space of the heart.

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Connecting with The Legacy Self is incredibly beneficial for those aiming to harmonise their passions, values, enjoyment and career. This alignment allows us to move beyond the belief that life lacks meaning and connect with a higher purpose. Recognising The Legacy Self empowers us to realise that we possess a unique gift that only we can provide to the world.

Are you able to differentiate between what your head (rational brain), heart (emotional brain) or gut (intuitive brain) are telling you? And can you use this information to connect with your spirituality, make wise decisions, learn from the past, avoid unhealthy patterning and even use that wisdom to grow your business?

Our self-enquiry exercise, delves into The Legacy Self, examining our response to whatever arises when we consider what will be left of us after we leave this earth.

If you are someone who strives for a clear understanding of your values and purpose, and seeks to live by them, this will empower you to connect with the notion of a lasting legacy. 

Are you able to disconnect from the daily routines of your life and tap into the core reason for your existence? Can you identify the unique contribution you’re destined to make to the world? The meaningful work that will endure well beyond your lifetime.


Levels of Understanding

If you are familiar with my work, and in particular with my model of emotional self-inquiry The 6 Selves™,  you will know that there are three levels of understanding that inform connections to the self and how it manifests and impacts both your personal and professional life.

Level 1 – Intellect (Mind) – How we comprehend and make sense of the world around us 

Level 2 – Emotion (Body) – How we physically feel the experience

Level 3  – Energetic (Spirit) – How we connect in to something greater than ourselves 

The Legacy Self – Body

In this post, we are looking at the Emotion (Body) and how this connects to The Legacy Self. The questions I have prepared are repetitive in nature. The reason for this is to help you get to the core of how you approach this concept and reach a deeper level of self-enquiry.

  1. How does my body feel when I am connected to my legacy self?
  2. How does my body feel when I’m connected to the world around me?
  3. How does my body feel when I’m connected to myself in the most emotionally intimate of ways?
  4. How does my body feel when I connect with ideas and concepts that light me up? 
  5. How does my body feel when I’m connected to people who support my legacy? 
  6. What does the world need that only I can offer? 
  7. What practical steps can I take to move in the direction of my legacy self?

Remember to be gentle and compassionate with yourself, as there are no wrong answers in this process. The goal of these self-reflection exercises is to foster a meaningful conversation between you and your true self. Over time and with practice, these exercises will become more effortless.

My next post will expand upon The Legacy Self at a level three understanding and I look forward to sharing it with you. 

Big Love, 

Deb x 

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